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  Acrylic Materials list - LINK to specific paint type


Advantages and disadvantages of new acrylics:

 Toxicity Levels

 There are no differences between traditional acrylics and newer acrylic paints, except that you won’t need to use any toxic retarders to slow drying time.


Drying Time

 Advantages – New acrylic paints have extended drying times, so paint can be left on a sealed palette and remain workable for several days. Also, wet-in-wet techniques can be used, just like oil paints, without a retarder.

 Disadvantages – If you like your acrylics to dry very quickly, these won’t.



 Advantages: These paints do reactivate. When water is applied to paint that is dry to the touch, it can be reactivated, worked into and/or lifted off. Over time, this ability to reactivate is eventually lost.

 Disadvantages – Painting wet over dry acrylics may cause some color bleed.



 Advantages – Same as traditional oil paints.

 Disadvantages – These paints are even “younger” than traditional acrylic paints. Efforts are being made to prove their longevity, but nothing can be irrefutably proven until sufficient time passes.


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Additional Supplies

Tool box

Grey Matters Paper Palette 12" x 16"        OR -    Stay wet Plastic Palette     with Paper film                                                                                    

Polymer Medium (Gloss) 8 oz

GOLDEN White  Gesso 16 oz or larger                                                                                                            

RGM palette knife # 6                                                                                    

rags and water containers                                                                                 

Staedtler Pencil: 4B

Blue painters tape




Titanium white -5 oz

Alizarin Crimson - 2 0z

Ultramarine Blue - 2 oz

Transparent red Iron Oxide- 2 oz

Quinacridone Magenta - 2 oz

Indian Yellow - 2 oz

Cobalt Turquois - 2 oz

Terre Verte Green - 2 oz

Napthol Red Light - 2 oz

Yellow Ochre - 2 oz

Burnt Umber - 2 oz



Painting Surfaces - American Lumber - 9th street Modesto--- or Home Depot


Masonite boards - smooth both sides 1/4 thickness or more;

two 18" x 24" 

 two 18"x 18" 

 two 12" x 12"

 one 24" x 12"


*** 20 dried Tea Bags with tea in them after use.






Brushes - all brands carry these - get one of each


angled      fulbright      flat


       Oil Brush, Angular #6                       Oil Brush, Filbert #4                          Synthetic Bristle # 16






                       Oval MOP brush 3/4” - 1"                   Oil and Acrylic Brush, Round - # 4




         Oil and Acrylic Brush, Flat #20